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Far North Coast Region - Club visits to Lismore, Alstonville & Tenterfield

Felicity Colbourne, Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Far North Coast Club visits – Lismore, Alstonville and Tenterfield. 

There have been a lot of new developments for gymnastics in the Far North Coast region over the past few months with 2 new clubs starting their first classes this term, United Gymnastics Academy in Alstonville and Tenterfield Tumblers in Tenterfield.
GNSW visited both new clubs before they started their first classes last week in Alstonville and Tenterfield. 
Both Untied Gymnastics Academy and Tenterfield Tumblers had successfully moved up the Club 10 star rating system to star 2 before they had even opened their doors to their new members.
Both clubs were in regular communication with GNSW whilst setting up their new clubs so they were already in a good position before opening to members with all the relevant policies, procedures and documents.
United Gymnastics Academy also want to be part of the GNSW School Endorsement Program this year along with aiming to submit for star 3 this September.
GNSW wish both clubs the best of luck with their first term of gymnastics!
North Coast Academy has been very busy working towards re-accrediting for their star 3 and star 4 Club 10 statuses. In order for clubs to maintain their star rating every 4 years clubs must resubmit all their Club 10 documents to be externally audited. 
GNSW visited North Coast Academy on Thursday 30th July to go through their club 10 documents and the GNSW School Endorsement Program. North Coast Academy efficiently had all the Club 10 documents ready for the visit and are now in a position to resubmit to Gymnastics Australia for audit.
GNSW wish North Coast Academy the best of luck with their Club 10 submission.
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