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Armidale City Gymnastics 1st Competition in New Venue!!

Felicity Colbourne, Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Armidale City Gymnastics Club – Open new facility in time for Regional Competition! 

The facility has taken nearly 10 years to complete. Our first submission went to Sport and Rec in 2000. After 4 submissions we were finally successful. The building took longer as we had trouble with the use of the land which was crown land in trust to the Armidale Dumaresq Council.
All aspects of the building were by parents connected with the sport the builder, the plumber, the electrician, the architect, kitchen builder all had children doing gymnastics. They of course gave us their best mates rates. The painting and fitting out was done by volunteers. The equipment was our own but we also purchased the equipment from Nova Gymnastics in Newcastle when it closed. it was all moved from Newcastle by volunteers.
The completion was always pushed by the fact that we had a competition set down for the weekend of July 11 and 12. We had one final setback in the last day before. The local Scout group was to build an adjoining facility but their application fell through for whatever reason. Their application included a disable access path from the carpark across their block to our facility. As they were knocked back we had to build the path in one day . It was completed at 5pm on Friday afternoon and the council inspector who also had children doing gymnastics came and inspected the building at that time and we were able to hold the competition the next day with a temporary certificate of occupancy.
The facility features:
Two floor areas RG and Artistic.
Pits for vault higbar and double mini.
Hoist away rings and 2 sets of WG bars and 2 sets of MG bars. 4 beams and two pommels and two mushrooms.
Room for two vault strips running in either direction. It has a spectator gallery and a fully equipped canteen kitchen and office. The sound system is integrated with the computer system and you guessed it was donated.The security system was also donated.
But no heating. Ah well we can't have everything
Club report – Wally O’hara.
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