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Helen Webb, Thursday, 1 March 2012



On successful completion of this Unit the coach will be able to:

Identify the key components of specific skills(flics and single somersaults) and deduce why these components are important to the skill.

 Identify and teach the correct progressions for these skills and demonstrate the use of correct and safe spotting techniques.

Apply a range of coaching techniques and tools to facilitate variety in training techniques.
Differentiate between the use of drills to develop physical abilities and technique ( skills)
This Unit will provide the coach with the skills and knowledge required to plan, teach and implement basic tumbling elements
Total Duration:
2 hours
The Basic Tumbling Bridging Unit links the Trampoline Level 1 and 2 Coaches Courses. As such this Unit is a pre - requisite before attending the Tumbling components of the Level Two Coaches Course.
The Unit may also be undertaken as an addition to the Level One coaching course to introduce the teaching of tumbling skills
This Bridging Unit is composed of a series of Practical Workshops designed to introduce the teaching of basic somersault elements.
Coaches are required to take notes and participate in the set-up and pack away of the various Practical Workshops as well as contribute to group discussion.
Unit Summary:
·        Flic
·        Front Sault Tucked
·        Front Sault Piked
         Back Sault Tucked
         Back Sault Piked
·        Back Sault Straight
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