Association Members

Gymnastics Australia's purpose is to represent the interests of gymnastics in Australia as the Australian affiliate of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). Gymnastics Australia in cooperation with the Association Members (state associations), coordinate and provide for the participation by Australian athletes, coaches and officials in gymnastics and approved national and international competitions.

Gymnastics is made up of eight Association Members:

ACT Gymnastics Association Inc.
NSW Gymnastics Association Inc.
NT Gymnastics Association Inc.
Queensland Gymnastics Association Inc.
Gymnastics South Australian Inc.
Tasmania Gymnastics Associations Inc.
Victorian Gymnastics Association Inc.
Gymnastics Western Australia Inc.

Board of Directors

Gymnastics Australia's Board of Directors consists of a President, five Elected Directors and two Appointed Directors.

The full Board of Gymnastics Australia meets a minimum of six times a year. The Board of Directors maintains a strategic focus in its governance of the sport. The responsibility for implementing the strategic plan and managing Gymnastics Australia's operating activities rests with the Chief Executive Officer and staff.

Gymnastics Australia Board of Directors:
President, Jacqui Briggs-Weatherill
Vice President, Michael Burnett
Nominations Committee: Clare Hanlon (Chair) High Performance Committee: Brennon Dowrick (Chair), Jacqui Briggs-Weatherill, Anita Hobson-Powell Finance, Risk and Audit Committee: Michael Burnett (Chair), Anna O'Shea, Keri Pratt.
Awards Committee: Anita Hobson-Powell.
Recruitment and Remuneration Committee: Jacqui Briggs-Weatherill (Chair), Michael Burnett, Anita Hobson-Powell.
Governance Committee: Clare Hanlon (Chair), Jacqui Briggs-Weatherill, Anita Hobson- Powell, Anna O'Shea, Keri Pratt.

The Gymnastics Australia Board can be contacted by email at or by mail at:

Gymnastics Australia 
Sports House 
Level 2, 375 Albert Road
Albert Park 3206 
Melbourne, Victoria 


Gymnastics Australia's Conistitution outlines its purpose, membership categories and further information about the organisation. Download the Constitution to learn more about Gymnastics Australia.

Gymnastics Australia's Constitution