2016 Australian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships

Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo, Victoria


Friday 16 September - Monday 19 September, 2016

The Australian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships, held in conjunction with the Australian AeroSchools Championships promises to showcase Australia's best and brightest Aerobic Gymnasts in a four day spectacle!

Witness the superhuman power from our world class Aerobic Gymnasts, the incredible finesse of the AeroDance teams and the pure agility on display in the competitive AeroScools division.

Come and support your favourite athlete, cheer on your state or simply watch in wonder as these gymnasts dare to take on challenges that would frighten even the bravest superhero!

Gymnastics Australia will release monthly news bulletins to keep everyone informed therefore to keep up to date with the event continue to check back here.

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AeroSchools - Friday 16 September 2016

Visit the AeroSchools website for for more information about the AeroSchools program and the AeroSchools National Championships, which includes the:

Work Order
Bulletin #1 - July 2016


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Final Competition Schedule

Competition Work Order

AER Aus Champs Session 2
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AER Aus Champs Session 3
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AER Aus Champs Session 4
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AER Aus Champs Session 5
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AER Aus Champs Session 6
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