National Commission

Aerobic Gymnastics in Australia is governed by Gymnastics Australia in consultation with the volunteers on the National Commission. The current Commission will be engaged from 2014 through to 2017.

Gymsport National Commission

Technical Director - Pam Behan (NSW) 

Judging Coordinator - Pearl Rozenberg (NSW)

General Member - Development Officer (AeroSchools) - Kerryn Cormick (VIC)

General Member - Coaching Coordinator - Jenna Ward (VIC) 

General Member - High Performance Coordinator - Nicky Donaldson (QLD)

The Commission meet on a regular basis, items for their agenda can be requested via your State office or emailed directly to members of the Commission. The Technical Director and Judging Coordinator can be found at Australian Championships and National Clubs events.

Commission Updates

Judging Clarifications Memo
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August 2017
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August 2017_1
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May 2017
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February 2017
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July 2016
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June 2016
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April 2016
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March 2016
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February 2016
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Other contacts

Sport Programs Manager - Allyse Taylor

Technical Regulations

Visit the By-laws, Policies and Technical Regulations page to download a copy of the Aerobic Gymnastics Technical Regulations.