FAQ - Administrator Child Safety Webinar

Q. Who is the webinar for? 
A. All currently affiliated clubs will be required to have a minimum one person (preferably a key administrator) from their club participate in an interactive child safe webinar or have participated in the Queensland regional forum Child Safety workshop*.

Q. Can anyone access the webinar?
A. Yes. See “How do I access the webinar?”

Q. When does the webinar need to be completed by? 
A. At least one person from each affiliated club will need to complete a webinar prior to affiliation renewal. Affiliation renewal ‘cut off’ is March 31st 2019.
Q. How do I access the webinar? 
  1. Follow the user guide Child Safety Webinar User Guide (Adobe PDF File) 
  2. Login to Gymnastics Australia website using your normal account details. Use this link to log in: www.gymnastics.org.au/myaccount
  3. Can you see a blue Go to the LMS button under Handy Links?
    • YES – Option A is for you! Follow  the user guide link above for your next steps
    • NO – You can register for the webinar using Option B – click on the link to the user guide above for your next steps.

Q. How long will the webinar take? 
A. 30 minutes.

Q. How many updating points is the webinar worth? 
A. Attendance at one of the live webinars will earn accredited Technical Members two (2) updating points, whilst participating in the recorded webinar will be associated with one (1) updating point.

Q. What do I do if I attended one of the Qld Regional Forum Child Safety Workshops?
A. Individuals who participated in a Child Safety Workshop as part of the Gymnastics Queensland Regional Forums will receive a certificate that can be uploaded as part of their Clubs 2019 Affiliation requirements and therefore the club will meet affiliation requirements.  Clubs who did not have an individual attend the regional forums in Queensland are still required to meet the 2019 Affiliation standards and therefore attend one of the recorded or live webinars.

Q. Does an administrator have to complete the webinar?
A. No. Anyone in the club can be the nominated person to complete the webinar however they should be an adult and someone who is there on a regular basis in a senior role (e.g. not a junior coach). 

Q. What does the webinar cover?
A. The webinar covers the following topics:
  • Identifying child abuse
  • Child sexual assault
  • Sexual behaviour problems
  • Recognising grooming
  • Protective factors
  • Responding to disclosures
  • Reporting concerns
Q. When are the live Webinars?
A. The are currently no more scheduled live webinars. 

Q. I can't access the LMS, how can I access the webinar?
A. Please follow this process if you are unable to access the LMS and need to complete the Child Safety Webinar for Club Administrators.

Q. How do I access my completion certificate? 
A. Click on the link below to access the user guide and refer to page XXXXXXX

Still have questions? 
Contact Gymnastics Australia Education 
[email protected]    03 8698 9700