Child Safe Standard 1
Child Safe Standard 2: Children participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously
NSW advocates for children to be able to express their views and are provided with opportunities to participate in decisions that affect them.

Gymnastics NSW  acknowledges the importance of friendships and support from peers in helping children feel safe and build a sense of belonging. Gymnastics NSW  informs children and young people about their rights and develops resources in child friendly mediums and language so they understand their rights and the prevention programs available. Gymnastics NSW priorities staff and volunteer education in identifying harm and signs that a child may be at risk.
Guiding Principles and Key Behaviours

Child Safe Standard 2:
 Children Participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously. 
Article 12 of the United Nations Rights of the Child: Children have the right to give their opinion and for adults to listen and take them seriously. 
Key Behaviours: Gymnastics NSW respects children and young people's identity and culture, recognising the importance of understanding their developmental needs and engaging in child friendly ways. 
What we expect to hear children say: 
"Adults in this organisation listen to me and ask my opinion about things that affect me."
"I can talk to adults if I feel unsaid, even if it is a difficult conversation." 
"I have friends I can talk to here."
"I know that staff sometimes need to tell someone else if I feel safe."
Ongoing Commitment
Gymnastics NSW is committed to ensuring that participation of children in decisions affecting them. We achieve this through programs that;

    1. Empower children to have a voice, such as the LEAP Panel, Youth Leadership Panel and athlete representatives on relevant working groups. 
    2. Educate children to ensure they are aware of appropriate behaviours through initiatives such as the Braveheart Booklet, information on the Gymnastics NSW and Gymnastics Australia Website, and Child Friendly Resources. 
    3. Educate our adult workforce to ensure the inclusion of children in decisions that affect them through coach education and resources. 
    4. Enable children to easily report unacceptable conduction through the display of who the child Member Protection and Child Safe Officers are within each club, and in High Performance through athlete and parent reviews. 

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