Gaining another Gymsport Accreditation:

Ready to expand your knowledge and gain another Gymsport accreditation?

Gymnastics is lucky to have multiple sports within its umbrella and some of the best coaches have multiple accreditations across a diverse range of Gymsports. Whether you want to gain another Intermediate or find out what exemptions are possible with your higher level accreditation, here is everything you will need to know. 

Gaining an additional Intermediate Accreditation in a different Gymsport

Requirements include:
*Hold an Intermediate or above accreditation
*Complete the Gymsport Specific Online Coaching Courses
*Complete a Gymsport Specific Face to Face Coaching Course

How do I enrol?
Step 1: Create an online account
If you don’t already have an LMS account, you’ll first need to create one.
If you’ve completed any Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Coach course since 2013, then you’ll have an LMS account already. You can skip straight to Step 2
1. Create an account in Gymnastics Australia’s Learning Management System (LMS)
2. Click New account to register as a new user
3. Fill out the form and complete the registration process
4. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll need to fill out this online form so that your current accreditation/s can be added to your LMS profile
Step 2: Enrol in an Intermediate Accreditation Pathway (additional Gymsport) and online course
1. Log in to the Learning Management System (LMS)
2. Open the catalog by clicking the  symbol and then clicking Browse Catalogue. In the catalogue, click Intermediate Coach Accreditation Pathways
Intermediate (or higher) Coaches have the option of gaining a new Intermediate Accreditation by choosing one of the Additional Gymsport pathways. Choosing one of these pathways removes coursework already completed or not applicable.

Gaining an additional Advanced Accreditation in a different Gymsport