Professional Development (updating) 

What is Professional Development?

A coach’s impact can extend beyond the sporting environment into everyday life. If a coach is to positively influence both the performance and behaviour of those under their charge, both inside and outside the sporting environment, then they must have a sound understanding of their role and potential impact.

In gymnastics a coach is required to complete professional development or updating to renew annual technical membership. As with all learning opportunities, it is important that the professional development or updating which is undertaken is at a suitable level for each coach.


What is Updating? 

Updating is a re-education process and a method in which Coaches/Judges can keep up to date on the latest information in their chosen gymsport(s) and sport in general. Updating is a requirement for Technical Membership renewal. Updating assists Coaches/Judges in the management of risks associated with the sport.

What are my updating requirements? 

In order to calculate the total number of updating points required annually, refer to your highest level of accreditation (Coach or Judge). Regardless of the number of accreditations you hold, the total number of updating points you are required to complete will be based on your highest level of accreditation, as follows:


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