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The Coaching Course I want is not available

This may be because we have already run this course or there is not currently enough interest to run the course. Please contact Gymnastics NSW for more information

I have completed my online coaching course but it still says incomplete / in progress.

Please check that you have fully completed all of your units in each section of the online course. 

I would like to complete a second coaching accreditation in another gymsport. When can I do this and do I have to complete the online and Pre-course workbook again?

Once you have completed one full Intermediate course, you can complete as many  Accreditations as you wish,  To add on another accreditation, you will just need to complete:
1. the online GymSport only course, 
2. the Face to Face course.

There are no Coaching Courses in my area

No course? No problem! Speak to other clubs in your area, if you have more than 10 interested coaches, a course can be organised in your area.

Can I do a Coaching Course in a different state?

Certainly! Email for more information. 

I need to be able to teach somersaults
You must complete an Advanced Coaching course to teach salto’s. Click here to find out about the Advanced Coaching Pathway 


Intermediate Coaching Course

How do I book onto an Intermediate Coaching course?

Booking into your Intermediate Coaching Course is a quick process. Click here for the how to guide. 

What are the pre course requirements for an Intermediate Coaching course?

1.   Complete the ONLINE Generic and GymSport Coaching Course2.   Complete and Upload Pre-Course Workbook for approval to the LMS
3.   Enrol into a Face to Face Course through the LMS

The LMS won’t let me access the Intermediate course.           

This may be due to one of two reasons:
a) You have not completed the Pre-Course requirements:
**You must already hold a Beginners course/ Level 1 or higher
1.   Complete ONLINE course (Both Generic and Gymsport only online courses)
2.   Complete and Upload Pre-Course Workbook (Upload via the LMS in the 'My External Training Section')
3.   Enrol into a Face to Face Course (Purchase via the LMS)
 b) This may be because Gym NSW need to grant you access if you have already completed a course on the old cycle, please email with your Tech ID and course that you would like access to.