Becoming a judge

Judges Course

Gymnastics NSW offer a variety of judges courses for the many different competitive sports under the Gymnastics umbrella. These sports include - Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Gymnastics for All, Men's Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics and Women's Gymnastics. 

Each sport is very different, however the courses are generally 1 or 2 days of theory based information with an exam as the assessment.

Requirements of a judge

To become a judge you must be a least 14 years of age, take a certification course and pass the exams or assessments.

How to get started

1. Register with Gymnastics Australia

All judges must be registered with Gymnastics Australia to take part in association sanctioned competitions and courses. If you are already registered with one of our full member clubs as an athlete or coach, you are covered, just ask them to update your registration to include judging. Otherwise, complete the technical member registration form and submit to Gymnastics Australia with your registration fee.

Choose your discipline
You can choose one or multiple disciplines: 
Acrobatic Gymnastics | Aerobic Gymnastics | Men's Gymnastics | Rhythmic Gymnastics | Trampoline Gymnastics | Women's Gymnastics 

3. Choose the course

Gymnastics NSW offers judging courses. Check our calendar for a complete listing of courses. Simply click on the course you are interested in, fill out the online form and await an email from out Judge Education Officer. 

4. Complete the course

In most cases, the course will require some pre-course reading, attending the course and writing the exam. Each discipline has detailed requirements. All candidates are required to bring a copy of the Australian Level Program/National Levels Program relevant to their Gymsport.

Download your pre-course materials.

Post Course Requirements (Beginners)

1.  Once you have attended the course and passed any practical assessment tasks set out by the Gymsport, your accreditation will be processed by Gymnastics NSW.

2.  You will be sent a letter from GNSW telling you that you have passed the course. You will also receive a Judging Badge for you to wear whilst judging

3.   Fill in a form, send and pay your technical membership to Gymnastics Australia.

4.   You should receive information from Gymnastic Australia welcoming you as a technical member.

5.   As a judge you will be required each year to update and pay your technical membership (see Updating Information for more details). 

NB: If you are already a registered coach with Gymnastics Australia (a technical member) you will not be required to pay again, however you will still be required to submit your new accreditation form.

Still have questions? 

Each gymnastics discipline has its own Judging Coordinator in NSW, whose responsibility it is to grow and develop judging in their Gymsport. Use this expert as your first port of call for all judging questions. 

Acrobatic Gymnastics | Monique Boswell 
Aerobic Gymnastics | Pam Behan
Men's Gymnastics | Matthew Spooner
Rhythmic Gymnastics | Virginia Elliott 
Trampoline Gymnastics | Belinda Cox
Women's Gymnastics |Elenore Turner