2019 Coaches Conference

Saturday 19 - Sunday 20 January 2019

Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre 
12 N Parade, Rooty Hill NSW 2766

The coaches stream will focus heavily on a wide range of skill based workshops that aim to equip you with new and innovative strategies to help with your role as a gymnastics coach. All Technical Members are welcome to attend any one of the sessions within each category across the two days. 


- 1-day early bird (ends 30th November 2018) - $185
- 2-day early bird (ends 30th November 2018 - $280

- 1-day normal rate (from 1st December 2018) - $200
- 2-day normal rate (from 1st December 2018) - $300

What to expect


Does your club run GfA, WAG and RG? No Problem! Our program has been created to assist coaches in gaining valuable experience across a wide rage of gymsports and levels
Covering a range of gym sports, the coaches conference will provide an opportunity to listen and network with some of NSW’s leading, inspirational speakers. You will obtain new practical tools and theoretical knowledge from a line-up of exciting guest presenters!
Introducing Team Gym 2.O! With a new Australia Code of Point developed, learn how Team Gym caters for
beginners through to elite. See the new look manual and scoring and discover new skills requirements - if you coach team gym this can not be missed!


An athletes wellbeing is a combination of their physical and mental health. Over the two day conference,
attend courses on; mental blocks, injury prevention, nutrition, conditioning and flexibility to ensure that you are prepared to assist your athletes - whatever comes their way!


Twisting, jumping, circling - 2019 Coaches Conference has a wide range of diverse practical coaching workshops to suit any gymsport! Work with our top coaches and take home practical, applicable knowledge for your new year of coaching!


If you are yet to meet the dazzling Stacey Umeh, then you are in for a treat! An internationally respected
choreographer and movement specialist, Stacey will cover everything from basic movement principles to how to take your athletes artistry to the next level.

Dance Artistry Theory:  “An introduction to the theoretical Principles of Artistry Training for Gymnastics”
“If you can’t explain it to a six-year old, you don’t understand it yourself!” – Albert Einstein
The area of Expressiveness and Artistry has gotten a great deal of attention in our sport over the past number of years, however, it is not an area that is well resourced, understood or integrated within most Gymnastics programs around the world.
This lecture will introduce the basic definitions, principles and techniques surrounding the Artistic Preparation space; allowing coaches to have a clearer separation between Artistic Technical Development and Creativity and Expressiveness nurturing!
Following this lecture, coaches should have a clearer picture of what is needed in this space regardless of competitive level and feel empowered to make more time in everyday training for this very important aspect of our sport!  

Dance Basics Practical:  Using Ballet Basics to improve specific strength and conditioning in L1-6 athletes.
“Always remember: gymnastics is dance, in a different medium” - Gerald S. George, Ph. D   author: Championship Gymnastics
Dancers have some of the most incredible physiques of any artistic performer on the planet, and yet most don’t lift heavy weights or do extraordinary amounts of cross training.  How do they achieve this?
This lecture will cover some of the dance-based movements that can be applicable to developing the range, stability, strength and core control of athletes of all ages within our gymnastics population.
This lecture is a must if you are looking for unique, practical ways to build physical capacity within your athletes!
Developing  Expressiveness and Creativity: Practical tips on helping athletes improve movement, choreography, musicality and storytelling within their routines 
“There is an art to science, and there is a science to art.” - Gerald S. George, Ph. D   author: Championship Gymnastics
As coaches, we are being constantly being challenged to find innovative, yet comprehensive ways to teach our athletes to become ARTISTS within our ever-evolving sports.  How do we get them to remain true to our sporting history, while still moving forward?
This workshop will reinforce the basic principles and techniques surrounding the development of creativity and artistry; and provide coaches with simple, fun and practical tools that they can use immediately with their athletes to help them along their artistic journey!