Volunteering with Gymnastics NSW

Want to be part of Gymnastics NSW Action?

Ever wondered how you can help or simply be part of the action? Are you sick of sitting in the stands as a spectator? Or do you simply just want to get in and do something? Then become apart of the Gymnastics NSW Volunteer Program! Without the help of volunteers we would not be able to run such important events as the State Championships for each of the seven gymsports associated with Gymnastics NSW.

Gymnastics NSW Events

Currently Gymnastics NSW runs 13 State Championships Events, 8 State Trial Events, 1 Country Championships and many other miscellaneous events like National Clubs, Festival of Gym and Kinderfest. This totals up to almost 30 weekends out of 52 that events are conducted on throughout the year!! Definitely a very busy schedule!! While our more established gymsports continue to grow and our newer sports like Aerobics and Team Gym gain momentum and popularity, Gymnastics NSW is committed to providing first class competitions for our athletes and we are on the continual search for more support at each of our events to ensure that they are all as successful as one another. This is where you come in!!!

What I do as a volunteer? 

There are several areas in which we require volunteers to fulfil at each of our events:
  • Announcer
  • Scorers & Runner
  • Music Controller
  • Floor & Volunteer Marshall
  • Hospitality & Presentation Coordinator 

As a volunteer we hope that you will not only be involved with a committed group of people and make new team mates but you will establish friendships that will last a life time. Gymnastics NSW and indeed gymnastics as a sport, has been built upon the tireless efforts of volunteers and everyone's contribution at our events is greatly appreciated.

Volunteers receive a Gymnastics NSW recognition award for their events throughout the year, free parking and entry to the event and meals and refreshments throughout the day.

Gymnastics NSW Technical Members will receive updating points for some volunteer opportunities. 


Please contact the relevant ESDO for which Gymsport you would like to volunteer for. 
All of our staff contacts can be found here.