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Gymnastics For All is a sport for Everybody and a sport for Life, regardless of age, gender or ability.  It is the perfect activity to prepare children for long term participation in sport and develops vital life skills.

Gymnastics for All:

  • Is lots of fun.

  • Develops balance, co-ordination and confident body movement.

  • Builds self-esteem, strength and flexibility, preparing the body & mind for life's challenges.

  • Provides heaps of variety.....so there is something for everyone

  • Is a sport for life.

  • Is conducted within a safe environment which caters for personal growth and development.

  • Develops healthy minds and bodies for now and later life.

Gymnastics For all is the basis of all Gymsports and a Gymsport in its own right.  Clubs can utilise Gymnastics for all as a starting point for teaching the fundamentals, before gymnasts specialise in any of the other 6 Gymsports.  Alternatively, clubs may focus on developing Gymnasts with diverse skills, adaptable to a variety of movement experiences.

Gymnastics for all has been categorised by the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) into the following areas:

  • Gymnastics on and with traditional, innovative or creative apparatus

  • Playful apparatus gymnastics

  • Floor exercise and gymnastics

  • Gymnastics with and without hand apparatus

  • Rhythmic gymnastics Jazz gymnastics and jazz dance

Modern dance Aerobic gymnastics Activities which contribute to the health and wellbeing of participants.  Kindergym and Cheerleading fall into the above categories and therefore come under the Gymnastics For All Banner



Gymnastics For All encompasses a variety of programs and forms of activity with the emphasis always on participation and having fun!

1. Kindergym

Kindergym is a foundation skills program for children aged five years and under. Encompassing a wide range of movement activities, the program enables young children to think, creative, construct and solve problems using their own bodies.

Whilst providing a fun form of physical activity, Kindergym programs also contribute to your child's development, coordination and self-esteem.


2. Team Gym

Team Gym is a NSW participation program for all ages and abilities providing performance opportunities within a team environment for fun, fitness and friendship.  The program takes skills from multiple Gymsports into three apparatus performed to music, including: Acro Floor Routine, Mini Tramp & Tumbling.


3. Performance Gymnastics

Performance is a dynamic part of Gymnastics for All with opportunities for gymnasts to show off their skills in a group performance from local to international level.  Gymnasts of all styles and levels can perform in display events.

4. GymAbility

GymAbility aims to support coaches and teachers to deliver movement programs that are inclusive for all, regardless of level of ability. Participants may or may not have a disability that impacts on participation. It is important to remember that all participants are individuals and any activities undertaken should consider their individual needs with the focus on what participants can do, rather than on what they can't. The GymAbility logo denotes clubs that have indicated they provide inclusive programs within mainstream classes or specifically for people with disabilities.

5. Freestyle Gymnastics

Is anything you want the movement to be and the safest way to develop your style of aerial manoeuvres.

6. Adult Gymnastics 

Keep fit while challenging your friends in feasts of skill and strength.

7. Live 2 Move

The benefits of Gymnastics are multi-faceted, including the development of flexibility, strength, balance and co-ordination. ‘Live 2 Move’ aims to incorporate all the benefits of gymnastics into a movement program for seniors, which is achievable fun and provides ongoing physical and psychological stimulation.

Live 2 Move programs are based around agility, mobility, strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination, posture, fitness, fun and friendship. Programs can be delivered for all participants, including those less mobile or with a disability. Activities incorporate the use of hand held apparatus, which participants can also undertake sitting.




The event will be jam packed with activity and promises to be a great day for athletes and spectators.The Festival of Gymnastics is open to all Gym clubs, all Gymsports, all ages and all abilities. The festival is a celebration of our sport through Fun, Fitness, and Friendships. This year with celebrate 31 consecutive years of the GNSW Festival of Gymnastics and will include a show by the National Performance Team.

The Group Performance is a day for the presentation of displays from clubs, schools and other sporting organisations. This is a non-competitive event following the aims of the World Gymnaestrada.  All performances are evaluated by guest coaches to provide feedback on your performance. 20 Awards are presented to teams based on the feedback. For the breakdown of the awards and criteria see the Festival information pack.

Date: 26 November 2016

Venue: Gosford Sports Stadium, Terrigal



Kinderfest is for our 5 years and under athletes and provides a 1 hour themed Kindergym class on an epic scale. Kindergym Leaders from across the state will provide opportunities for these athletes to explore and learn through play. This is a great opportunity for leaders to learn from each other and Network together

Date: 1 May 2016

Venue: Icon Gymsports, Hornsby



Team Gym is open to all clubs and Gymsports to participate in.  Team Gym consists of 3 apparatus - Mini Tramp, Floor and Tumbling all choreographed to music, spectators will be entertained by the variety of routines performed.

Date: 27 November 2016

Venue: Gosford Sports Stadium, Terrigal


If you are interested in volunteering at Events we would love to have you.  Simply fill out the contact sheet and indicate which event you would like to volunteer at.

Volunteer Information Pack


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