What is LaunchPad?

LaunchPad is the Gymnastics Australia junior participation program which aims to increase sport participation, develop children’s fundamental movement skills and all-round physical and brain development. There are three sequential programs within LaunchPad:

1. KinderGym (specifically designed for children aged 0-5 years),

2. GymFun (5-8 years) and

3. GymSkills (8-12 years).

Start Here, Go Anywhere! Campaign

A great example of the benefits of LaunchPad can be seen in our Start Here, Go Anywhere! campaign and commercials which demonstrate that gymnastics not only teach children how to move and move well, but also enhances learning potential and the development of emotional, social and cognitive skills.

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How does it work?

Movement is the basis of all sport and active recreation. Fundamental movements are like the foundations of a house you need to have it before you can build the structure. Fundamental movements need to be developed before you can progress to the more technical skills.

LaunchPad is designed to develop these fundamentals and teach children aged 0-12 the skills they need to lead an active and healthy life full of sport and recreation. It gives children the opportunity to practice, develop and enjoy moving through a wide-range of safe and fun activities that challange participants relative to their abilities and stage of development.

In saying this, as a foundation for future sporting endeavours, we believe that gymnastics is to sport, what alphabet is to reading and thus LaunchPad is the Nursery of Australian Sport!

Benefits of LaunchPad?

Clubs and Providers

You become a part of a national brand, which will raise your profile and give your programs further credibility and clarity.


You become a part of a national brand that will give you access to professional development, great resources, excellent support and further career opportunities.


You know your child is developing fundamental motor skills relative to all sport and physical activity in a fun environment by a qualified provider in a quality accredited program.


You can implement a fundamental movement program that has easy-to-deliver, ready-made lesson plans, which will also assist in reaching your curriculum outcomes.


You can easily deliver a quality educational and fun movement opportunity for your students, which is supported by the Australian Sports Commission and Gymnastics Australia.


How do we Deliver LaunchPad Programs?

Clubs and Providers

Clubs and providers will need to become LaunchPad accredited to be able to use the LaunchPad brand and deliver its programs. This is done by attaining the LaunchPad Stamp of Approval. 

This Stamp of Approval will allow everyone to recognize that this is a quality junior recreational gymnastics provider with quality coaches delivering a quality program.

To get the Stamp of Approval a minimum of one current Intermediate Coach (in any gymsport) must first attend a LaunchPad: Zoom! professional development workshop and afterwards complete a LaunchPad Blastoff audit for quality assurance.

Schools and Teachers

Schools can deliver LaunchPad programs by engaging an accredited club or provider. Alternatively, teachers can deliver the programs.

Teachers have the chance to attend a 6 hour professional development workshop to increase the delivery and quality of fundamental movement programs within their schools. This practical workshop will give teachers the ability and confidence to deliver programs in their school as well as provide resources for the future development of their programs. Click here to find out more.


LaunchPad: Zoom! Workshop

The workshop is 2 hours long and will cover what the key objectives of LaunchPad and a deeper understanding of fundamental gymnastics and its relation to physical activity and brain development.

At $88 (reduced to $66 in 2015), workshop participants will receive a participant manual, a twelve-month subscription to an online Lesson Plan Builder and the opportunity to purchase additional coaching resources at discounted prices. The workshop will count towards 2 updating points.

If you would like to become LaunchPad accredited and attend this workshop, please check our Education Calender for upcoming workshops or alternatively clubs and providers can fill in the following booking form to book in a one on one workshop for your coaches.

LaunchPad Blastoff Audit

After coaches attend the workshop, as a quality control measure, clubs and providers will need to complete an audit to ensure the LaunchPad requirements are met.


How to Find LaunchPad Accredited Clubs and Providers?

Click here to search for your local club/provider and look for the green LaunchPad logo.


GNSW Contact

If you would like further information or any assistance with LaunchPad, you can visit the official LaunchPad website or contact Shohan M Khan, Participation Officer on or 02 8116 4133.