MG Management Committee


Gymnastics NSW Men's Gymsport Committee

 Technical Director   Antoine Rizzo  Email 
 Judging Coordinator   Alexander Hunt  Email 
 Coaching Coordinator   Martin Shields  Email 
 Commission Member - Competition Coordinator   Rebecca O'Hara  Email 
 Commission Member - State Development Squad   Samuel Simpson  Email 
 Commission Member   Mandy McLean  Email 
 GNSW Events and Sports Development Officer (ex officio)   Alexander Hunt  Email 

Gymnastics NSW Judges Assembly

 Judging Coordinator   Alexander Hunt    Email 
 Assistant Judging Coordinator   Corey Dehn   Email 
 Judging Education Officer  Rhys Keirle    Email 

Gymnastics Australia Men's Commission

Technical Director   Rohan Kennedy   Email 
 Judging Coordinator   Paul Szyjko   Email 
 Commission Member - Judging Development   Andrew Cordery   Email 
 Commission Member - Coaching Development   Sean Wilson   Email 
 National Coach   John Curtin   Email 
 National Performance Director   Adam Sachs   Email 
 Events Program Manager (ex officio)   Emily Rennes   Email 


Commission Meetings

The MG Commission meets on a regular basis throughout the year.  Technical Members that wish to submit an item for discussion at a meeting should forward a summary of the subject to the Technical Director and ESDO at least one week prior to the meeting.

The MG AGM is held annually. All affiliate members registered as a MG club will be forwarded a formal notice, forms for position nomination, proxy and postal voting forms and an agenda prior to the meeting.

Please click here for a list of the Minutes for Gymsport Committee Meetings as well as Annual General Meetings.