Squad Training Days

 *Athletes unable to participate in the State Squad may only be eligible for selection to the NSW State Team upon submission of a written application for Special Consideration addressed to the NSW MAG Gymsport Committee, through the ESDO. 
Circumstances under which consideration can be sort can be found in the 2019 MG Technical Handbook.

NSW State Squads

What is the NSW State Squad? 

The State Squad is comprised of any NSW athlete that wishes to seek selection onto the NSW State Team to attend the Australian Championships. Athletes that will compete in either  u/15, u/17, Senior International or Open levels 7, 8, 9 or 10 during 2020 are required to participate in the State Squad program as well as those in 7 u/13 and 8 u/14 who were not selected to the Team Future Squad.
Athletes in these levels will have an opportunity to train together during special training sessions and will participate in a training camp with the some of the States top coaches. The State Squad will provide an opportunity for the NSW athletes and coaches to work together to produce the best team at the National Championships.   

The NSW State Team will be selected from the members of the 2020 State Squad.