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Australian Levels Program
The 2014 MG Australian Levels Program is a free to download document for all MAG Technical Members with Gymnastics Australia which can be accessed through a Technical Members GAonline website. Otherwise, a copy of the ALP with all compulsory routines and optional requirements (except level 6 Optional) may be obtained by contacting GA:
Ph: (613) 9271 0500
Fx: (613) 9271 0599
Level 6 Optional
Level 6 Optional is a program which was introduced by the MG Gymsport Committee in 2011 to replace the Level 6 Open Compulsory Routines. To be clear, Level 6 Open Compulsory Routines will not be included in competitions in 2017. Level 6 u/11 gymnasts will compete the level 6 Open routines as outlined in the 2014 - 2017 Australian Levels Program - Version 2. Level 6 Optional will be judged according to the rules below.
FIG Code of Points 
To download the 2017-2020 FIG Code of Point click here

National Updates

Pommel Horse Dismount Clarifications (09/08/2011)

Summary of Changes to 2014 NLP 

2014 ALP Errata 01