Now You are 18 

Being over 18 is awesome, but it also brings about some new considerations when in the gym; both as an athlete and coach. 

 By remembering few simple things, you can keep yourself safe in and out of the gym. 

Who can be my Facebook friend? 

Now you are 18, there are different considerations of who you should interact with on social media. If possible, avoid having any athletes, or coaches that are under 18. Also consider not adding your athletes parents.  
If you can't prevent this, when posting think - "would I want my grandparents seeing this?"  If the answer is no then your athletes probably don't need to see it either. 

What is different about my coaching/judging? 

As an adult there are bigger repercussions for our actions in the gym - particularly around how you treat those under 18. Keep conversations public and open, be mindful of spotting and limit all conversations with athletes to the gym floor.  If there is something you need to chat about after class, call the athletes parent or guardian instead. 

Can I still be friends with the people I train with?

Of course! The friendships you build in gymnastics are ones that last a life time. However, image is everything, and while you know that you are friends with your teenage teammates, you now need to consider an outsiders perspective on how adults treat kids. Here are some ideas for how to manage your friendship:

- Declare with your club who your friends are within the club
- Get written parental consent from athletes that may be in your car
- Carefully consider the content of messages/conversations that you have with your mates both in and out of the gym.

Key Points to remember

- When on social media - if in doubt,  don't post
- Be careful who you friend on social media
- Keep conversations open and inside the gym
- Declare all existing friendships
- Seek written permission before giving lifts. 

Happy to help.

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