The Advanced Coach Accreditation - Extended Pathway

Relevant to: ALL Intermediate Coaches who would like to gain a GA Advanced Accreditation, plus all coaches who are coaching advanced skills as per the skills matrix. This article provides information on a new pathway which will be introduced to make it easier to gain advanced competencies and complete the Advanced Coach Accreditation.



The Advanced Coach Accreditation

Following feedback received from Clubs, coaches and State/Territory Associations, Gymnastics Australia are pleased to announce an Advanced Extended Pathway. The Advanced Extended Pathway has been introduced as an alternative route to gaining an Advanced Coach Accreditation. This pathway allows the coach to complete the different components of the accreditation over a 3 year period. Please note that this pathway is not available to a RG or AER coach.

How does this differ from the normal accreditation pathway?

The main difference with the Extended Pathway is the coach is able to complete accreditation components in a different order. The coach can attend one of the face to face modules – Module 1 – prior to completing all of the online courses and assessment tasks. Face to face Module 1 includes tumbling and vaulting skills relevant for a recreation coach, explained below.

What is included in face to face Module 1?

In face to face Module 1 the participant will:

  • learn to coach advanced gymnastics skills on floor, trampoline and vault including:
            - progressions and key coaching points for specific advanced level skills
            - physical preparation activities
            - error detection and corrective drills to facilitate skill learning
  • conduct an individual risk analysis on self, athletes and others in a gymnastics environment
  • demonstrate the ability to coach and spot a front and/or back somersault

Practical content in the module includes:

  1.     Basic acrobatic tumbling
  •          Mechanics of tumbling
  •          Handstand, cartwheel and round-off
  1.     Handspring
  •          Forward and backward handsprings
  1.     Somersaults
  •          Teaching forward and backward somersaults (tuck, pike and layout)
  1.     Tumbling connections / tumbling passes
  •          Round-off back handspring
  •          Round-off back handspring tuck (to layout)
  1.     Vaulting
  •          Concepts of vault
  •          Handspring vault

Who should complete the Advanced Extended Pathway?

Based on your feedback, the Advanced Extended Pathway has been designed with the following coaches in mind:

  •          A coach working at Australian Levels 3 or 4 (and not likely to work at a higher level in the immediate future)
  •          A recreation coach who does not coach the full complement of skills or disciplines within a Gymsport, for example a WAG coach who does not coach bars or         beam
  •          Temporary coaches, such as students
  •          A coach who is not able to complete the full Advanced Accreditation because the Gymsport course is not yet available or there are no courses available in              the State/Territory.

What are the benefits of the Advanced Transition Pathway?

There are multiple benefits:

  •          It is a quicker pathway for a coach to gain a small range of advanced competencies.
  •          The costs of gaining an accreditation can be dispersed over a period of time.
  •          A coach does not have to pay for a course when not all content is required, for example a recreation coach who only coaches a small number of Level 3                  skills.
  •          The time that is required to gain the Advanced Coach Accreditation is dispersed over a 3 year period.

What do I need to do to enrol in face to face Module 1?

  •          Enrol in the Advanced Online Coaching Principles Course (see Image 1 below)
  •          Complete the Advanced Online Coaching Principles Course

o   Complete multiple choice questions in the course

o   Complete the following assessment tasks and upload in the LMS

*Physical preparation project (Assessment task 5.1)

* Annual and seasonal plan (Assessment task 7.1)

  • Once you have completed the steps above you will be able to enrol in a face to face Module 1 course in your state. 


Image 1: How to enrol in the Advanced Online Coaching Principles Course


Do I have to gain the full Advanced Accreditation?

Gymnastics Australia and the State/Territory Associations will actively encourage ALL coaches who are coaching advanced skills (as per the skills matrix) to complete the Advanced Coach Accreditation. An Advanced Coach Accreditation is required so that the athlete in your Club receives the best coaching possible, using best practice coaching methods and in a safe gym environment.

How does the Advanced Extended Pathway impact coaching in the gym?

You can coach skills you are competent to coach. If you only complete face to face Module1 then you are only deemed competent to coach the acrobatic and vaulting skills covered in the course or other skills similar to and with equivalent degree of difficult to those listed in the skills matrix.

How does the Advanced Extended Pathway impact coaching at competition?

Until you complete the full Advanced Coach Accreditation you will remain as an Intermediate Coach. This will restrict access to coach at state and national competitions. From 2017, an Intermediate Coach will only be able to coach Australian Levels 1 and 2. For further information please view the policy document.

What happens if the Advanced Accreditation is not completed in the 3 year period?

If you do not complete the full accreditation within 3 years of completion of the face to face Module 1 the module will expire. The coach will be required to re-sit the module to demonstrate competency, i.e. the coach will be re-trained and re-assessed.  Three years is the nationally accepted timeframe for current competency. This is a similar process to renewing a First Aid Certificate every three years.

What do I need to do after completing face to face Module 1?

  •          Enrol in an Advanced Online Gymsport Course (see Image 2 below, in this instance Advanced WAG has been selected)
  •          Complete the Advanced Online Gymsport Course
  •          Complete the skill analysis task and upload to the LMS
  •          Complete any other outstanding tasks from the Advanced Online Coaching Principles Course
  •          Complete a First Aid Certificate
  •          On completion of the steps above, the coach will be able to enrol in a face to face course for Modules 2, 3 and 4 and please see image

Image 2: How to enrol in the Advanced Gymsport Coaching Course

How do I enrol in an AER or RG course?

There are currently no Advanced level face to face courses available for an Intermediate AER or RG coach. However the coach can begin the accreditation process by enrolling in the Advanced Online Coaching Principles Course and completing a First Aid Certificate.

Overview of the traditional and extended pathway

An overview of the components of the two pathways is shown in Image 3. 

Image 3: Advanced Extended Pathway