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Workshops we offer (click on the workshop name to find out more)

Move for Life - A Gentle Gymnastics program for over 55's

Team Gym - A social, fun gymnastics program incorporating elements of gymnastics in a team.

Rebound Therapy - A therapeutic trampoline program for people with disabilities or injury rehab.

LaunchPad - To join the LaunchPad initiative club coaches much first attend a LaunchPad: Zoom! workshop.
Club Induction - All you need know about the roles and responsibilities of staff within your club, from club managers to coaches to volunteers, important updates and helpful information thsat you need to know when in a club environment.
All courses are displayed on our Coach Education website, they can also be requested. To request contact

Run your own!! - Club Workshop Sanction Process

Clubs are now able to conduct their own updating workshops. These workshops can include, and are not restricted too, club planning, risk management, sport specific training and mentoring.

However, clubs must apply for sanctioning 6 weeks prior to the activity using the appropriate forms (see below) and provide GNSW with an administration fee of $88 per workshop, at the time of submitting the application and $8.80 per participant, at the time of submitting the attendance roll and is only for those who want updating.
'OPEN' Update Workshops (The Club host Updating activities that are 'open' to all members of the gymnastics community. These Updating activities are advertised on the web)
'CLOSED' Updating Workshops (The Club hosts Updating activities that are for host Club members only)
Note: No updating will be sanctioned from 1st December - 31st January.

Workshop Sanctioning Application Form

Workshop Participant List

If you need help planning one, we are happy to help, we have plenty of resources for you to use when delivering, examples include:

  • Inclusion workshop;
  • Working with disabilities;
  • How to be an effective mentor;
  • Workplace Health and Safety;
  • How to write policies and procedures;
  • Lesson planning; and
  • many more!