The role of the Supervisor and Mentor

Mentors and Supervisors are an essential in the coach education framework. 

The Supervisor (Beginner Coaches) 

Who can supervise a Beginner Coach?

A certified Supervisor can supervise a Beginner Coach. 
The minimum requirements to become a certified Supervisor are as follows:
• Current Technical Member
• Current Gymnastics Australia Coach Accreditation at Intermediate Level or above
• Successful completion of the Gymnastics Australia Online Supervisor Training course. This course can be found in the LMS for $25.00

In making the decision to allocate a Supervisor to oversee the work of a Beginner Coach, consideration should be given to the level of maturity and technical knowledge of the Supervisor. 

• A Supervisor must have an appropriate level of maturity to make good decisions while providing supervision, particularly with regard to managing risk. 
• A Supervisor must be technically qualified to undertake this role, with the ability to give technical support and feedback to a Beginner Coach. Not every Intermediate Coach will be ready to provide Supervision. Time and workplace experience may be required to develop a good level of technical knowledge prior to completing Supervisor Training and supervising others.Gymnastics Australia highly recommends that a Supervisor is at least 18 years old.

The Mentor (Advanced Pathway Coaches) 

Mentoring for an Intermediate Coach in training for an Advanced Accreditation

An Intermediate Coach in training for an Advanced Coach Accreditation will need a mentor to support training in the workplace. The aim is to have them as an additional resource to work through the activities and assessment tasks throughout this course. For some activities or workplace tasks you will need specific assistance from your mentor to complete the tasks. The role they need to take on will be explained clearly for them. Ideally you should utilise them to discuss various topics as you progress through the course.

The mentor should:

•Be a current technical member of Gymnastics Australia
•Hold an Advanced Coach Accreditation or above and where possible this should be relevant to the Gymsport
•Provide supervision and guidance for the trainee Advanced Coach, but does not need to provide direct supervision on a daily basis
•Assist with and undertake workplace assessment tasks with the trainee Advanced Coach
•Ensure the trainee Advanced Coach works within their level of competence
•Exercise a duty of care to the coach and participants.

Please see below for an overview of the Mentor Requirements.