Welcome to RAISE THE BAR, the ultimate guide to coaching!

On the first Tuesday of every month, our Education team put together a newsletter designed to increase your coaching knowledge and enrich your programs. You will receive class ideas, drills for skills, discover new programs and stay up to date on courses and events! 

Raise the Bar is an exclusive subscription for NSW Technical Members. 

Topics Include: 

Anything and everything Kindergym! Theme ideas, equipment set-ups and cost effective ways to freshen up your KinderGym classes. 

Struggling to teach certain skills? Every month you'll be given insider 'Tricks of the Trade' to help you teach ideal models for skills. 

Looking for innovative ideas to incorporate into your lesson? Creative Classes aims to equip you with fun and engaging ideas to incorporate into your GfA or competitive programs. 

It's important to stay up to date with new education policies and procedures, luckily Raise the Bar keeps you in the know. 

Stuck in your Gymsport bubble? This section aims to highlight the different gymsports and programs that you could incorporate in to your clubs timetable. 

The internet is flooded with great videos to help gymnastics coaches. Keep your eyes peeled every Tuesday for a link to a video that might showcase drills that could do wonders in your gym! 

Updating 101 aims to relieve the stress of of renewal every year by giving you some great ideas to earn updating points. 

Gymnastics education is forever growing and developing so our Education Team is committed to providing you with useful information that allows you to expand your knowledge base.