Technical Membership

Technical Membership is a special category of membership with Gymnastics Australia. It is offered to coaches and judges who have successfully completed the required competencies by attending one of Gymnastics Australia’s accreditation courses in Coaching or Judging.

Technical membership renewal is due every 12months and failure to renew means that you unable to participate in any GA or GNSW programs or events. You will also be ineligible to access GA’s National Risk Protection Program (Insurance)  hence not covered to work in a club.

Renewing your membership is quite simple and can be done online. If you would like o know more about renewing your Technical Membership please Click Here 

A new Beginner coach will automatically receive Technical Membership on completion of the Beginner Coach Accreditation. There is no fee for Technical Membership for 12 months if the Beginner Coach has not been or is not currently a Technical Member. it is important to know that after their initial 12 months they will need to renew and pay the Technical Membership fee. 

 If you would like to read in more detail about Technical members we encourage you to read the Technical Member Handbook.  

Please note: In order to maintain or regain your Technical Membership as a Gymnastics Coach or Judge, you are required to show evidence that you have maintained or extended your competency. This practice is commonly known as Professional Development, and is defined as updating (UPD). Updating can be achieved by completing approved updating activities that are relevant to the Gymsport and level of your accreditation.
Please see below for the required number of updating points for each level of accreditation.