To continue to engage your hardworking competitive athletes, Gymnastics NSW would like to introduce the online Gymsport Showcase! 

The online showcase allows athletes to display one of the routines that they intended to compete in 2020, or aim to compete for 2021. While it is a competition, it has been created to provide short term goals for our hard working athletes. 


  1. Athletes choose a routine that you competed at competition in 2019 or had trained for in 2020. All routines must be from the Australian Levels Program or equivalent optional routine. 
  2. Practice Practice Practice! 
  3. Club to seek authorisation from Parents/Guardians to film and submit routine. 
  4. Film the athletes routines, under the supervision of the appropriately qualified coach. 
  5. Between September 14-30, club coaches will complete the online entry form and upload your routine.

Entry Process

  1. Film and save all routines for the showcase
  2. Fill out the Entry form with all athletes/ groups entering the showcase. Entry Forms must be filled out with all the athlete information.
  3. Submit entry form and all videos through the entry Jotform. Late submissions will not be accepted.

What are the categories?

There will be 8 winners, 1 from each of the following categories: 
  1. Acrobatic Gymnastics
  2. Aerobic Gymnastics 
  3. FreeG
  4. Men’s Artistic Gymnastics
  5. Rhythmic Gymnastics
  6. Team Gym
  7. Trampoline Gymnastics 
  8. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics 

What happens after you enter?

  1. Videos will be uploaded to YouTube and open to private voting by the public. Get your family, friends and club behind you and vote for your routine!
  2. The routine with the highest number of votes per category will win the Gymsport Showcase Trophy and a Gymnastics NSW prize pack. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. Athletes must be a current member of Gymnastics NSW
  2. All skills must be at the skill level of the gymnast, under the supervision of an appropriately qualified coach. 
  3. Only Entries submitted between the 14-30 September via the online form will be accepted. 
  4. Voting opens 9am Monday 5th October 2020 and closes 11:59pm Sunday 18 October 2020
  5. The winner from each category will be the video with the highest amount of votes through survey monkey. All votes will be confidential.  
  6. Winners will be announced 3pm Monday 19 October 2020 via the Gymnastics NSW website ( and social media channels. 


Who is able to enter? Any athlete that is registered as a competitive member in their Gymsport with Gymnastics NSW for 2020
AeroSchool athletes can enter the Aerobic Routine Showcase.

Can I make up my routine?
No. All routines must be from the relevant Australian Levels Program, or equivalent optional routine requirements. 

Can I enter more than one routine?
No. There is only one routine per athlete so choose your routine wisely! 

I compete as an aerobic trio and group, can I be part of both videos?
Yes, these are two different entities. Only one routine can be submitted for each trio/group.


Entry Form
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)
Event Handbook
(Adobe PDF File)