Club Gala!

Your clubs end of year display, on display

While we may not be able to compete in person this year, it doesn’t mean that we stop setting and smashing our goals!

To wrap up a HUGE 2020, Gymnastics NSW are excited to announce the final digital event on our calendar – the Club Gala! 

What is the Club Gala?
Inspired by the Olympic Gala, the Club Gala is a low-stakes opportunity for the athletes to just have fun doing what they do best. The Gala is a non-judged performance in which gymnasts show off their moves free from the pressure of competition, similar to a club end of year display. Clubs, coaches and athletes should use their creativity to show off what makes your club great. Videos can include elements, skills, routines, choreography and themes and can feature your competitive and non-competitive athletes. 

View the 2016 Rio Olympic Gala highlight here

How does it work?

From the 19 October - 30 November, clubs can create their own Club Gala performance!

They will then film their performance and submit to Gymnastics NSW. The performance can be 1shot (see 2019 World Gymnaestrada), or a series of videos pulled together into a single video (See 2016 Rio Olympic Gala Highlight).

Entries must be received by 5pm on the 30 November 2020

Gymnastics NSW will post all Club Gala entries on Facebook and through GNSW socials between the 7thDecember and 13th December 2020. 

Entries will be posted on different days throughout the voting period, with GNSW contacting clubs the day before their video will be live.

Post likes and comments will be recorded for 72 hours following posting.

The entry with the most Facebook likes and comments received within 72 hours of their post, will receive a $1100 Hart Sport Voucher for your club!

What are the rules?

1.Videos submitted must be no longer than 3mins.
2. To prevent copyright claims, audio must be purchased from Audio Jungle  and a copy of the music use certificate must be submitted with the entry through the submission link.
3. Clubs must be an affiliated club with Gymnastics NSW
4. Performing athletes must be registered members, affiliated with Gymnastics NSW.
5. Clubs must obtain authorisation from Participants and Parents/Guardians to be included in the club’s Gala video and for the video to be shared online and through social media platforms. Clubs confirm authorisation has been obtained through the submission of the entry.
6. All skills must be performed safely, within the skill level of the athletes and with an appropriately qualified and registered coach present.
7. Costumes, themes and imagination are encouraged!
8. All theming, content and subject matter must be child safe, inclusive and culturally appropriate.

Submitting Entries

Entries must be received by 5pm on the 30th November via

Videos must be clearly labelled with the Club Name.