Medium Club: Advance Gymnastics

Current Membership: 349
Membership Growth: 290
Current Workforce: 8
Workforce Growth: 0


Gymnastics for All, WAG 

Contribution to Gymnastics + Community


Provide a judge to every WAG Competition


Regular community outreach and events

2016 Highlights

As a very very small regional club I feel our results have been amazing.. Starting with
Kaylan placing 7th at state then Nationals placing individual 2nd on Floor and Vault
team 1st.
State qualifier Scarlett 2nd Gabby 2nd Beth 2nd State Champs L5 Melora 3rd- Gabby
Level 6 beth 6th-
State Clubs L4 -2nd-- L5 6th- L7 10th
Country L4 team 3rd
L5 team 3rd- L7 team 3rd
Individual L5 melora 1st- Scarlett 4th- Gabby 1st
Naimh 8th-
Kaylan 1st Bethany 2nd Chailend 4th
Hunter Championships:
L5 Melora 2nd-
L7 Kaylan 1st -
L6 Chailend 1st Beth 2nd
Our club has improved immensely as the year has gone by on limited coaches to do
the levels required almost all myself.. we have strived amongst the huge and
experience that we have been against all year and I am very very proud of what we
have achieved. It is just amazing for a club of our size and structure.