Small Club: PLC Sydney

Quick Stats

Current Members: 253
Membership growth:48
Current Workforce: 26
Growth: 6


Kindergym, GymFun, GymSkills, TeamGym, Aerobic Gymnastics, Women's Artistic Gymnastics, GymAbility

Contribution to Gymnastics


4 WAG judges and 2 Aerobic Gymnastics judges.

Our judges range from FIG down to intermediate level judges.


Home club of the GNSW WAG Technical Director
Home of the Inner City Judging Coordinator



Gymnastics NSW Education Hub

Staff all participate in termly updating sessions which are run by Advanced Silver coach Michelle Olsson, Marie Bannister or Erin Lollbach

Developing programs
Runs a successful Diving club where we are able to offer our participants  an opportunity to participate in diving and use the skills they have learnt in gymnastics.
All participants are encouraged to stay in gymnastics

Highlights for 2016

Aeroschools - Mini Pair 1st, Junior Pair 2nd, level 4 intermediate 3rd, Mini Trio 1st, Level 5 Intermediate Trio 1st, Level 5 Senior Trio 1st, Level 4 intermediate Trio 2nd
State Championships  - Level 6 Intermediate 4th, Level 6 senior 2nd and 3rd, Level 6 intermediate multiples 2nd, Level 6 Senior multiples 1st, Level 7 Senior individual 1st, Aerodance Intermediate 3rd,
National Aeroschools - Level 5 Senior Trio 2nd, Level 4 Senior Ind 2nd, Level 6 Senior multiples 2nd, level 5 intermediate multiples 2nd and 3rd, Level 6 Senior multiples 3rd.
National Clubs - Level 7 Senior 2nd, Intermediate Aerodance 2nd, level 5 intermediate multiples 3rd, level 6 intermediate multiples 3rd, level 6 senior multiples 1st.

Women's Artistic Gymnastics
State Championships Level 7 Division 1 22nd, Division 2 21st, Level 5 Div 1 8th, Level 5 Div 2 9th, Level 4 from 15 PLC competitors 8 received goldbandings, L4 Team Mixed A 9th, Mixed B 3rd, L3 3 gold bandings. State Clubs L5 Junior 3rd, L5 Mixed 10th, Level 6 mixed 8th, Level 7 9th