Large Club of the Year Nominee

Evolve Gymnastics 

Evolve Gymnastics is a relatively new club located in the Hills District. Evolve began in August 2017 with 50 children and in the past year has shown continuous strong growth. 

Coaching gymnasts from 3 month old babies up to our adult classes, Evolve are proud of the impact Baby Gym has had on the  gymnastics and wider community. With a focus on competitive women;s gymnastics, Evolve also offer  classes for dancers, teenagers and trampoline and tumbling. 

While dedicated to improving their athletes gymnastics, the staff's priory is to create a holistic club experience, with contributions to community charities and working with those less fortunate. These include charities for disadvantaged or abused families (Give and Take), the nappie collective, Annaliese's Charity Drive for the Homeless.