Large Club of the Year Nominee

Rec Alley

Rec Alley opened in March 2017 in Gregory Hills with a mission to provide more than simply a gymnastics program.

The Rec Alley vision is to be the solution in providing inclusive, quality gymnastics based programming to those who thought they couldn’t, or hadn’t considered. 

The club has had over 1,100 registrations this year for various levels that include Kindergym (6 months and above), Recreational Gymnastics, Levels, Parkour, Trickers (acro), Adult gymnastics, and more. 

As part of building an anti-bullying culture, Rec Alley recently hosted ‘Inclusion Week’. From October 8th-14th, the club ran a range of education activities for both gymnasts and coaches that focused on promoting inclusion and anti-bullying within the club and the wider community