Membership Information


Athlete Membership

Participants are invited to become athlete members of Gymnastics Australia/Gymnastics NSW through our affiliated gymnastics clubs. To find your local club, please click here

Click here for more information about starting gymnastics

Membership Fees

Each registered member of Gymnastics NSW pay an annual registration fee that covers their personal insurance while participating in gymnastics. By registering  as a member, participants receive access to exclusive offers, competitions and events. 

Competitive - $99.50 (GST Inclusive) 
Recreational - $57.00 (GST Inclusive) 
Kindergym - $49.50 (GST Inclusive) 

Athlete Transfer

Click here for Athlete Transfer Policy

Multi Club Athlete

Click here to access the Athlete Multi Club Registration Form.

Please send completed forms to Gymnastics Australia for processing

Technical Member

Technical Membership

Technical Membership is offered to coaches and judges who have successfully completed required competencies by attending a Gymnastics Australia accredited course.

Technical membership renewal process has changed and now works on an anniversary date as opposed to a calendar year subscription. 

To find out how you can renew your technical membership online, please click here

All technical members are required to keep up to date by completing a minimum number of updating activities. To find out more about updating for your technical membership, please click below