Gymnastics: not just for the kids! 

Recent statistics by Sport Australia reveal that parents across Australia have exercised less than eight times in the last three months. While many adults may feel that their years of gymnastics are behind them, clubs across NSW are offering classes specifically tailored to parents and grandparents alike. 

By signing up to a gymnastics class you may see benefits such as: 

1. Improved flexibility

Gymnastics and flexibility go hand in hand like movies and popcorn. It’s an obvious connection that gymnasts need flexibility, but for adults who are not necessarily wanting to compete, gymnastics classes can simply increase flexibility. When you’re hunched over your work desk from 9-5, juggling numerous school bags for your own little monkeys, or finding it hard to even get the legs going in the mornings, flexibility and soft movement is crucial for overall health. Having the mobility, allows movement, stimulating circulation.

2. Meet physical exercise needs

Unlike something like running, gymnastics is a whole body exercise. Once you take a class, you’ll leave not knowing you had half the muscles you used! Adult gymnastics is about safely increasing the range of motion, and exercising different muscle groups in a way which activates cognitive stimulation as well as physical exercise. 

3. Create an awareness of specific weaknesses in strength

As you get older core strength becomes increasingly important, and when you’ve gone your whole life never even knowing how to engage your core, gymnastics becomes a go-to option. Gymnastics is all about core strength as it facilitates all basic movement, allowing for greater skill development. 

4. Mental stimulation

Gymnastics is all about coordination, and thus engages the whole brain. Gymnastics engages the brain so that the movement are precise and well-coordinated, there's no time for a mid session Instagram check in Adult Gym! 

5. Building social  networks 

Gymnastics classes might be an unlikely place to meet your next business partner (but you could!), but we guarantee that you will make friends. Whilst gymnastics is an activity concentrating on your own development, it’s carried out in supportive and social environment, fostering fun and socsense of ialcommunity. 



So what are you waiting for! Visit our Club Finder for your nearest club, or check out Fitter for Life for more information on our Older Adults Program.