National Spotlight Series: Chailend Malinowski

After already training as a ballerina, Chailend started women's gymnastics later than many but has been an unstoppable force ever since, taking out the level 8 National title this year. 
Unsurprisingly, her favourite apparatus is floor because  “I love the majestic story a floor routine can tell through skills, technique, dance and music”

At 11 years old, Chailend found a passion for gymnastics and took to it straight away. Now, at 16 she’s won the level 8 National Champion title and ready to take on her next goals. Finding her confidence has been a vital aspect of self-discovery that has allowed Chailend to realise her own goals both in and out the gym. Having had such an instantaneous connection and passion for gymnastics.

“At first I was hesitant and had no self-belief, but it was when I found my confidence with the most supportive, understanding and encouraging coaches that I actually believed I can do this”

What does Chailend declare an important attribute to her success? Ballet training and the support and encouragement of her coaches Helen, Karen and Anita Blackert at the Blackert Academy of Gymnastics. 

Can you guess what movie sparked the flame? Find out by watching the full video here.