National Spotlight Series

Madison Lacey, Mikayla Carr & Caitlin O'Neil

Madison, Mikayla and Caitlin from Oak Flats Albion Park Acrobatics and Gymnastics, took Australia by storm at the National Championships in June. After months of hard work, the trio performed outstanding routines which saw them at the top of the podium for the Overall, Balance and Combined events in Senior Women's. Claiming a spot on the 2019-2020 Australian National Squad, the girls will now be looking forward into 2020 to gain selection onto an Australian team. 


When did you first start gymnastics and why?

Maddi - I started very young as my mum Kim owns the gym.
Caitlin - Same as Maddi, as Kim is my Aunty, it just runs in the family. 
Mikayla - I started when I was 7 because I kept doing handstands around the house. 

How often do you train?

We normally have 2 morning trainings a week, 4 afternoons and the day on Saturday, around 26 hours a week. 

Do you do any other sports or types of training?

No, we wanted to remain focused on working hard for nationals. 

Who is your gymnastics idol?

Taylah Doosey, Lauren Farquhar and Maja Moore, the senior Australian trio from last cycle. 

What was the best thing about National Championships in 2019?

Nailing our routines with a few new skills and achieving a new personal best overall score. 

What is the best experience you have had in the sport? 

Coming 2nd at the Vegas Acro Cup and winning nationals 2019!

Who would you thank the most for helping achieve your goals at National Championships and why?

Definitely Kim, Shelby and all the other coaches, as well as our family and friends for being so supportive. 

What is your goal for the next 12 months in Gymnastics?

Remain healthy and injury free, keep achieving good scores to hopefully gain selection onto the Australian Team. 

What has been the hardest thing to overcome so far in Gymnastics?

It has been challenging to juggle work, university and school. The long hours can be hard, but thanks to our coaches and each other we work together and help each other out. 

What do you do outside of the gym?

Maddi - I work casually in retail, I tutor at my previous high school and I am building up my own brand of acrobatic, gymnastic and rhythmic leotards (Maddi Lacey Leotards).
Caitlin - I am studying full time at university a Bachelor of Primary Education. I also work casually in retail. 
Mikayla - I am in year 8 at high school and when I'm outside of the gym I am studying or playing with my brother. 

What do you love about gymnastics?

To sum it up in three words, Fitness, Fun and Friends. It's a great sport!