Gymnastics Never Stops

It is sad news for all that from today, Monday 23
rd March, all the indoor sports centres and gyms in Australia are closed due to the COVID-19 crisis.  

In this unpredictable time, it is important that we do our part for the community and help stop the spread of this virus. This means staying home where possible, practice social distancing always and working together to remain calm, positive and motivated.  

But how can you stay motivated when things seem...well unmotivating?  

We have put together a short list of things you can do to keep positive and fill up the time you would usually spend in the gym!  

1. Workout at home 

Just because your gym is closed, doesn’t mean you should stop exercising! Although it may look different to your everyday gymnastics training schedule, set up a time in the day that you will dedicate to exercise. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for some at home workouts for you to try! Get creative and never stop practicing handstands!  

2. Facetime a friend  

Yes, we may be seeing a lot less of our gymnastics friends during this time, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop talking to them! Facetime is an amazing tool to help you stay connected. 

3. Meditate  

Have you tried guided meditation? It is a great way to help you stay calm, centred and mindful. This may even be a skill you continue with to help improve your mental game for gymnastics. Many high-profile sports players say that meditation has been key to help them stay focused and perform their best in high pressure situations. Some great apps to try are headspace and smiling mind 

4. Get dressed for the day EVERY morning  

This will help you get the most out of your day!  

5. Start a new hobby or put time into an existing one  

When our schedules are packed with gymnastics, some of our other hobbies get pushed to the end of the priority list. Now is the time to put some time into those other things you love! Learn to paint, draw, juggle, sing, write, do magic, photography, cooking, scrapbooking, a new language… the list is endless!  

6. Go for a walk  

Keep social distancing of course, but get outside, it is a great way to clear your head!  

7. Play with your pet  

Because even though we are sad we have to miss out on hours of gymnastics, they are going to be so happy to have us around more! Give them some love and affection.  

8. Help cook lunches and dinners  

This is the perfect time to brush up on your cooking skills and help your parents out in the kitchen. NSW dietician Ashleigh Brunner has some great recipes on her website that you could try! 

9. Work on your flexibility  

No excuses now… you have all the time to work on those middle splits you have been trying to get flat for the last 2 years! Make some flexibility gains and impress your coach when class return to normal.  

While it may seem hard to see the positives today – know gymnastics clubs will be open again. We promise to keep providing you with things to keep you motivated, so that when the day comes that we are together again we will be ready...maybe after learning a new recipe or two.