5 Paralympic Themed Craft and Activities

The Paralympics are on, and we are excited! What a journey for all the athletes, especially during this pandemic. 

To get into the Paralympic spirit, we’ve compiled a list of 5 cool craft ideas! Keep the kids entertained, decorate your house and cheer on our talented athletes.

1) Cookie Medals

These are very simple to create and make for some fun edible ornaments! Any simple sugar cookie recipe would work (we used the same recipe as these cookies for green and gold day), along with food colouring to create the icing in various colours. The numbers were created with store bought ‘writing icing’. You don’t need circle shaped cookie cutters as a cup could also work to create the shape.
Use a knife to create a hole at the top of the cookie (but not too close to the edge) and bake away. Then decorate your medals, string the ribbon through, tie a knot and voila! 
You have wearable cookie medals. Yum.

2) Splatter Art

Print and cut out the outline of a Paralympic sport. Stick the cut out onto a large paper and then splatter art/roll paint/etc and then peel away to reveal a spectacular silhouette!

3) Paper Chain Decoration

Cheer on our Aussie squad and decorate your house in green and gold. This paper chain is very simple to make. Cut green and gold/yellow paper into strips and loop them through each other and apply sticky tape.

4) Paralympic Torch

Get creative and construct a Paralympic Torch with materials you have at home. You can make it 3D, perhaps turning some paper into a cone and stuffing it with red and orange fabrics, or cellophane. Perhaps you can build on out of some Lego. 

5) Paralympic Scavenger Hunt 

Red – Green – Blue
Get coloured paper or write the Paralympic logo colours on a white piece of paper and instruct everyone to find 5 items (or more) for each colour!

Image credit: Paralympian Sarah Walsh