7 thoughts of parents going into week two of lockdown...

Here we are again.  Stay at home orders (aka lockdown) for Greater Sydney.  

Perhaps it’s a bit less scary this time because we’ve done it before, and survived. But it’s also precisely because we’ve done it before we know how stir-crazy everyone gets.
What’s on your mind this week?

7 thoughts of parents going into week two of lockdown...

Soo, one week done and dusted.

Baking? Check.
Resisted adding 100 things to Kmart cart? Sort of.
Bought toilet paper? Check.
Survived so far but um, now I’m running out of ideas!!!

*Digs up last lockdown’s activities list* Oh yeah I could do some of this...

*Checks weather forecast every hour*

When is the sun coming out? Do parks count as exercise and recreation? Sighhh. I could have been at  insert holiday destination) right now...

Really missing my support crew

And the kids miss their grandparents and friends ☹

"Hey Sam put away that....."

Arghhh I surrender. What’s the point of cleaning up? No one is coming over anyway!

When does it end again?

I can do this.

First some chocolate and then yes, I can do this!

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