It’s been about three weeks since stay at home orders were announced and if you are anything like us, it has become very easy to avoid afternoon training and turn into a bit of a…sloth.

Unfortunately, research also shows this is about the time we start to lose fitness when we’ve been away from our regular training sessions.

While there are various factors, including age and fitness levels, moderate exercise each day can have long lasting mental and physical benefits. Not to mention we have our gymnastics clubs offering online classes, so we don’t even have to think about what we are doing!

Our gym experts say there are many benefits to tuning into training!


  • Stop the decline in fitness, both muscle strength, cardio fitness, and skill retention
  • Daily PDHPE – enjoy gymnastics AND complete your school work…win win!
  • Maintain some routine during a chaotic time
  • Hit up those endorphins – a healthy body supports a healthy mind
  • Spend time with friends – yes, it’s not the same as going in for a hug, but seeing your mate’s smiling face could be the thing that brightens up your day
  • Learn how to practice your skills at home – this is a great opportunity to get creative within your everyday environment
  • Build your confidence – these are tough times, and it can be hard to stay resilient. Consistent training can help you feel that little bit more in control during a chaotic andunpredictable time

In times like these, we need community – and gymnastics is the best community you could ask for! Whether it is weekly Zooms, Facebook videos or programs and challenges emailed to mum and dad, let’s keep moving doing what we love most. After all, time flies when you’re having fun! 

Check out the parent guide to online training.