The Advanced Coaching Course

Many a thing may deter you from sitting through another coaching course; the endless hours of paperwork (albeit it actually being virtual paperwork), the 10 exasperated sighs per minute, and just general lack of time. Sitting through the Advanced Coaches Course as the moment, there are things I wish I would have known, here are a few:

1. It will take time

No surprises here! We will be honest with you, the Advanced Course will take some time, but it’s not unreasonable. It’s not like you need to be at a specific location, the actual online component requires you to be nowhere other than the comforts of your home or wherever you happen to be whenever you have the time. There’s no time limit so you can open and close the tab (exit and save first) according to your needs. There are a fair few modules, but they can easily be checked off daily, or once a week.
2. You will actually need to read a lot of it

The course has been collated by professionals, and it’s designed to be as fun as possible. Some areas however go through some very necessary and text heavy material. Be prepared to do some actual reading as skimming won’t cut in when they spring pop quizzes at you and topic assessments!

3. You will actually learn some pretty interesting things and use fancy terminology

Next time you have a discussion with anyone, you could drop things like ‘closure continuum’, and ‘transverse rotation’ and actually know what it means. It may have nothing to do with your conversation, but only one of you will know that…

4. It is actually very rewarding

Over peripheral incentives, getting ahead and achieving the best qualifications is a big deal in any industry. Having been awarded an Advanced Coaches Accreditation not only means it will look stellar on your resume, but that you have reached a stage where autonomous learning will now come from your experiences with your athletes, and other coaches. You’ll have the freedom to try new drills and skills, and start working with athletes who will establish a partnership with you and depend on you to maximise their skill and the quality of your gymsports in general!

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