NSW's officials named on National Commission. 

Congratulations to Pam Behan and Pearl Rozenberg on their recent appointment to the Aerobic Gymnastics National Commission. 

Pam Behan will act as the Aerobic Technical Director for the new Aerobic Cycle. Already the NSW Technical Director, Pam is the NSW Event and Sport Development Officer (Aerobic Gymnastics) and is Head Coach of her local club. Pam is excited about starting the new cycle and ready for any challenges which may come about. 

Pearl Rozenberg has been appointed as the National Judging Coordinator. Pearl is the Director (Policy and Administration) at the University of Sydney; a presenter for Gymnastics Australia and is an Advanced Silver Judge (undertaking the FIG Course in January). Pearl is looking forward to developing a sustainable judging pathway and ensuring communication between the national association and the states is maintained. 

Gymnastics NSW currently have eleven officials participating on a National Commission, sign of the wealth of talent and expertise we have within our state.