Senior Gymsport Clinic 

On the 25-27 of November, Gymnastics NSW hosted eight outstanding international presenters for the 2016 Senior Gymport Clinic. In its third year of operation, the Senior Gymsport Clinic’s goal is to “Build for Tomorrow” by developing the rising stars in each Gymsport. 

In a jammed pack weekend, athletes and coaches refined their skills in Acrobatic, Aerobic,  Men’s Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. 

The lectures were diverse, covering everything from gymsport specific training to mobility and sports psychology. 

After receiving an educational subsidy from the WAG Gymsport Comitee, Kimnastix owner Kim Ryan reflects on what she took home from the weekend. 

Club: Kimnastix
Accreditation: WAG Advanced Silver

Why did you attend the Senior Gymsport Clinic? 
Our club is growing and I felt I needed advanced practical information to help me progress as a coach within the sport.

Any highlights? 
There really wasn’t 1 lecture I enjoyed the most, although, Stacy Umeh Lees’s energy never faltered over the weekend.  She was truly inspirational.  What an amazing woman she is!!!!! I learnt something from all the lecturers there.  I had the privilege of learning from a high calibre of coaching professionals. I am so grateful.

What will you take home to your club? 
I will be taking a plethora of information and drills back to my gym and staff to implement it into our 2017 program.  I can’t wait! I am already looking forward to next years Gymsport Clinic!