RG Team Future Camp 2018

Congratulations to all of the NSW athletes recently participate in the 2018 Team Future RG Camp held from the 27th – 30th of July. 9 of our own athletes across Sub-junior, Pre-junior and Junior international level were invited to attend the camp held at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. 

Although chilly outside the athletes relished in the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s top RG experts, developing their skills and preparing for the upcoming competition year. A jam packed schedule saw the athletes first have their base strength and flexibility tested in a wide array of drills. These early years of growth and maturation are crucial and physical testing allows both gymnast and coach to understand specific strengths and weaknesses to be addressed back home and ready for the years ahead. 

The girls were challenged with advanced apparatus handling with Valeria Vatkina (1995 Junior European Champion, 1999 Silver World Championship Medalist & 2000 Olympic Games representative for Belarus) and Krasi Yurukova (Coach of 2012 London Olympian Janine Murray). Many of the girls have taken home useful tips and tricks that will undoubtedly be exercised in their own gyms.

The change in RG Code of Points has meant that the introduction and use of pre-acrobatic elements has been a rapid adoption. Correct acrobatic technique and pre-acro design was held by Lisa Bradley who has worked in both international WAG and RG teams. It was a session both coach and athlete saw incredibly beneficial. 
Ballet is imperative to rhythmic gymnastics training, but it’s rare to find a ballet teacher who is as outrageously fun and skilled as Catherine Walters. The girls were comforted by her upbeat, Zumba-style warm up welcomes, and then technically challenged with her ballet exercises. Hailing from NSW, Catherine was a great asset to the camp, and was right at home for her very first!

Also on board for the first time, were Team Future Camp Ambassadors Danielle Prince and Enid Sung. Coming off the back of their own high point, the girls were able to mentor the athletes in video analysis sessions, and Q&A portions of the camp. The gymnasts were able to pick the brains of these senior athletes, so that they too may one day wear the green and gold! Danni and Enid also hosted a body expression class which saw the athletes take charge of their own routines, with coaches asked to sit back and relax, the gymnasts worked with the ambassadors to identify their own unique styles of movement. 

Overall, the brisk chill of Canberra was no match for the talented group of young RG Superstars who approached the camp with anticipation and partook with passion to learn and excel. A big thank you goes to NSW’s very own Katie Sigsworth for organizing the camp, along with WA’s Krasi Yurukova.
Congratulations to all girls who were selected and good luck for the season ahead! 

NSW Athletes from Le Ray Gymnastics Academy:

Sophie Del Popolo
Emmanouela Frokou
Anastasia Makarenko

 Le Ray Gymnastics @ Ravenswood:

Sophie Burke
Petra Janda
Rachel Budiman
Lisa Comparet
Lily Matthews
Halle Masters