Belinda Ibrahim voted Trampoline Technical Director

Following the NSW Trampoline Gymnastics Gymsport Committee AGM over the weekend, Belinda Ibrahim was voted the new Technical Director for Trampoline Gymnastics. 

Belinda’s introduction to the world of Trampoline Gymnastics came through her son’s involvement in the sport. After volunteering as a scorer at an event, Belinda fell in love with the technical side of the sport and has never looked back.  Since then, Belinda has volunteered within the trampoline community as an advanced silver judge, as well as serving on the trampoline gymsport committee in both competition and double mini trampoline roles. 

Belinda will take over from departing Technical Director, Julie Bartlett who is stepping down after 7 years of service in the role. 

Julie has been a respected member of the trampoline community since its transition into the world of gymnastics, and has sat on the Gymsport Committee for NSW since 1999. Passionate about building trampoline participation, Julie was instrumental to the creation of the trampoline grand prix competition and has been a valued member of the trampoline team for countless Australian Championships. 

Gymnastics NSW would like to thank Julie for her service to the trampoline community and look forward to seeing her on the competition floor. We also pass on our thanks to Christine Swadling, who has stepped down from her position of Double Mini Trampoline project officer. 

Belinda will join gymsport committee members Belinda Cox, Samantha Palmer, Jessie Tulett and newly appointed Double Mini Trampoline project officer, Erin Cvejic.