2019 Annual General Meeting - Wrap up

Following the 2019 Gymnastics for All Annual General Meeting, Elizabeth Napoli was elected the NSW Team Gym Coordinator and Michael Bastion elected the FreeG Coordinator. 

Elisabeth has been involved in Team Gym since it began in NSW, both as an athlete and coach. After spending time at Ollerup, Elisabeth is inspired to bring the Danish passion for GFA to the NSW community. 

Elisabeth will take over from departing Team Gym Coordinator, Nicole Ellingham. Nicole has passionately coordinated Team Gym for the last two years, growing participation at state events by over 200 people. Gymnastics NSW wish to thank Nicole for her contribution to our sport.  Gymnastics NSW wish to also thank departing FreeG Coordinator Chloe Kerr for her energy in the promotion of our latest GFA Program. Passionate about education, Chloe has delivered countless courses in her role as Coordinator, inspiring a new generation of coaches to try FreeG in their clubs. 

Carrying the FreeG legacy is Michael Bastion. With over 20 years in gymnastics, Michael looks forward to using his passions for artistic gymnastics, FreeG, school participation and inclusion, to provide a diverse perspective to the development and of FreeG in NSW.   Gymnastics NSW wish to congratulate Natalie Johnson, who was re-elected to the role of Inclusions Coordinator and thank Melinda Turnbull for her outstanding service in the role of Performance Coordinator. This position currently remains vacant.