Tokyo Triumph for NSW Trampolinists

The Trampoline World Age Group Competitions took place over the weekend and the 4 days of competition, 5-8th December, saw Ariake Gymnastics Centre buzzing with young athletes ready to take on the very best in the world. Held in the 2020 Olympic Games venue, NSW gymnasts proved they have been working hard in their home gyms in preparation for the event, claiming multiple medals and finalist positions.

Kicking off her first World Age Competition with a bang, 11 year old Tahlia Geelan (Sydney Gymnastics Centre) picked up a silver medal in the 11-12 Double Mini Trampoline event, as well as making the final in the age group above with Synchronised partner Abigail Southall (Sydney Gymnastics Centre).

In her second week of competition in Japan, Imogen Florian (Sydney Gymnastics Centre) performed outstanding routines and claimed a silver medal in the 17-21 Women’s Individual Trampoline, Australia’s only Individual Trampoline medal from the event. Imogen narrowly missed out on the gold medal by only 0.02, an impressive result for the 18 year old who just finished her HSC and competed in the Synchronised event at the World Championships last week. 

 “I don’t think I’ve ever been as prepared for a competition quite as much as this one! Having the opportunity to come across 2 weeks earlier with the senior team and spend time in Inashiki to part take in the training camp and then to compete the week before in the same environment definitely benefited me! Having already been on the equipment and adjusted to the environment allowed me to enter competition day extremely confident!” Imogen told Gymnastics NSW after her competition.

Up and coming powerhouse Koralee Catlett (Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance) took the world state by storm and picked up not one, but two gold medals in the 13-14 Women’s Double Mini Trampoline and Tumbling events. An amazing achievement for the young gymnast, who competed a triple back somersault in the Double Mini Trampoline event, wowing the judges and crowd with this skill, one that very few female trampolinist compete… let alone at 14 years of age.

“The preparation for WAGC (World Age Group Competition) was the same as every other competition we attend except we had a Spain trip 6 weeks before WAGC. So we had to recover from that competition and begin working on WAGC. The main focus was developing routines in a harder environment as the WAGC was happening on a brand new floor (it’s a lot stiffer than what we are used to) and also making sure that we have plan A and plan B routines and there were no limits as its World Championships.” Karalee’s coach, Dima Kachan, reflected. 

Breanah Cauchi (Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance) was also on the podium in the 13-14 Women’s tumbling event picking up a bronze medal. Alongside her were team mates Tamia Fonua (Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance) and Haylee Sepping (Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance) who were also in the final for this event, placing 4th and 5th respectively.

Coach and founder of Kachan School of Tumbling, Dima Kachan, is incredibly proud to have all 4 girls in the 13-14 age group make the finals in the tumbling event. 

“When we began the journey to Japan we knew that only 4 best gymnasts in Australia will make the team and we knew that it will make our girls lift the bar up, not only in our gym but possibly worldwide and because of that we are seeing triple routines on DMT in 13-14 girls, as well as 3 double routines in 13-14 girls tumbling, which is a program of a senior gymnast.”

“They are role models for the new generation of KSTP gymnasts. They demonstrate amazing qualities not only in training but also on the competition floor. We are very proud of them.”

Gymnastics NSW congratulates all the athletes and coaches on a fantastic competition.



Tahlia Geelan (Sydney Gymnastics Centre) 2nd 11-12 Double Mini Trampoline

Koralee Catlett (Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance) 1st 13-14 Double Mini Trampoline and 1st 13-14 Tumbling

Imogen Florian (Sydney Gymnastics Centre) 2nd 17-21 Trampoline

Breanah Cauchi (Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance) 3rd 13-14 Tumbling


Lleyton Pagett (Sydney Gymnastics Centre) 7th 17-21 Double Mini Trampoline

Haylee  Sepping (Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance) 5th 13-14 Tumbling

Tamia Fonua (Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance) 4th 13-14 Tumbling

Abigail Southall and Tahlia Geelan (Sydney Gymnastics Centre) 6th 13-14 Synchronised Trampoline

Troy Sitkowski (Sydney Gymnastics Centre) and Flynn Gregor (VIC) 8th 13-14 Synchronised Trampoline