Just like you except a little bit different story


It is an incredibly inspiring story that 9 year old Laura Henry has to tell. Living with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and Tourette’s, Laura’s childhood has looked different to many around her. Laura and her family live in Newcastle with their two dogs and love the beautiful beaches that the coast of NSW has to offer. When Laura’s Tic disorder started showing itself at age 4, her parents did not know much about it,

“We admit our ignorance as to what it meant to have Tourette’s” Chris and Hellena told Gymnastics NSW.

“As Laura has gotten older her peers and herself have noticed her ‘differences’. This was upsetting Laura and she was feeling very alone. We wanted something that would help her, and her peers understand different is not wrong.”

In 2019, Laura’s parents Hellena and Chris, assisted Laura in writing her first book “Just like you except a little bit different” to show the children with differences that they are not alone and to educate her peers that despite her behaviours, she is really not that different from them. The goal of this child friendly book is to improve awareness and spread acceptance, through the eyes and words of Laura herself.  

“We searched for something like this book and while there are quite a few books around, mostly written by professionals, they were more aimed at parents and teachers to understand the children’s diagnosis. We were looking for something less clinical, more child friendly and acceptance focused and found there are not many available.”

In the creation of the book, Laura was actively involved, with the quotes themselves straight from her heart about issues she was having and what she wanted her peers to know. Laura also picked the images, had the final say over every page, and spent considerable amounts of time fundraising the money for publishing.

“A truly beautiful book written by a child aimed towards children. It touches on all the different struggles and no matter what your differences there is probably something that you resonate with.”

Laura has been participating in gymnastics classes since 2018 at the Hunter Sports Centre. Involved in the Gym Mobility program Laura shared

“It is so much fun, it makes you more flexible, I get to make new friends. I am in a small group and it is amazing. Gymnastics is the best and I recommend it to everyone.”

The book is listed on the national book register and can be ordered in from QBD and other bookstores it is also available directly on Amazon in Hardcover, Softcover and eBook.


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