Gymnastics remains popular amongst children 

 Gymnastics is the 4th most popular sport for children 0-14 in NSW.

 The results are in and 10.1% of NSW children are jumping into our gyms each week. In the 2019 AusPlay Survey, it was revealed that Gymnastics is the 4th most popular sport for children 0-14 in NSW. 

Based on the annual participation of organised out-of-school activities gymnastics also ranked in the top 20 for children 0-14 and all activities for adults 15+, for the second year in a row. 

Broken down by gender, 16.9% of female athletes under 14 participate in gymnastics, securing us in 3rd position. Popularity with young men continues to grow also, currently sitting as the 8th most popular sport with 4.2% participating.  In the 0-4 age bracket, KinderGym sits as the 3rd most participated activity for both boys and girls, maintaining our status as an essential foundational activity. 

Gymnastics NSW Chief Executive Officer, Mr Aaron Bloomfield acknowledges what a huge achievement this is for our sport. 

“To be the 4th most played sport within NSW, and the 3rd most participated in Australia is an outstanding achievement for our clubs and coaches. Gymnastics is essential for the development of fundamental movement skills and we are proud to have so many households within NSW enjoying the sport each day,” noted Mr Bloomfield

In the light of COVID-19, and as the current conversation now starts to shift to when and how community sport can begin again, we will be guided by a framework currently being drafted by NSW Sport and Recreation. Once completed, Gymnastics NSW will then take the framework and apply it in a practical way for gymnastics clubs to ensure that our clubs can open as quickly as possible.  

 The AusPlay report is an annual national survey funded by the Australian Sports Commission that investigates the participation trends of children. 

The NSW AusPlay ranking was as follows:

  1. Swimming
  2. Football/soccer
  3. Dancing (recreational)
  4. Gymnastics
  5. Netball
  6. Tennis
  7. Athletics, track and field (includes jogging and running)
  8. Australian football
  9. Basketball
  10. Cricket

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