KSTP Share Their Experience 

When gymnastics clubs in NSW went into lockdown at the start of March, it was challenging news for all. Windsor gymnastics club, Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance were challenged to deliver classes in a completely new way. As a tumbling specific club, there was a clear safety barrier that the club needed to adhere to, to ensure safety was the number 1 priority. A few weeks into isolation, a free KSTP Google Classroom was created and all athletes assigned to their class. Here, the team was able to engage with their members, create programs to do at home, and educate parents on sport specific exercises and how they would help their child’s tumbling. They also mixed things up, enjoying fun, non-tumbling related challenges, which in turn brought their club even closer as a team.

Club owner, Bec Kachan, told Gymnastics NSW;

 “This is something we’ve never been able to do before and found it to be of a huge benefit, so much so that we are going to continue the Classrooms once training is back to normal… Our weekly communiques and Classroom programmes kept our families engaged and updated on all news and developments surrounding their child’s training with us, whilst providing them with free content they could work on at home when it was convenient for them.”

While their athletes were at home working hard, the Senior athletes and Coaches were busy preparing the club for when doors were allowed to open.

“We decided that rather than sit at home, do nothing and let the situation get the better of us, it was back to work doing anything we could to improve our gym and business.”


KSTP will look a little different from pre-isolation, with staff working on painting, maintaining equipment, making new mats, creating new spaces in the gym, resource building, cleaning, as well as updating club promotional materials.

“I feel it did bring us all closer as a team as we were communicating differently and sharing different sides of ourselves. We have the utmost respect for our team and are very grateful for the efforts.”

Once outdoor sessions were permitted by the NSW Government, KSTP were quick to offer outdoor bootcamps to prepare their athletes bodies for returning to full time training.

The club has now reopened its doors, with almost 100% of members returning. A truly remarkable figure which goes to show the hard work put in by the club during isolation.

“This was truly heart-warming for us and proved to us that we were doing the right things. Seeing the students so excited to get back into the gym was the best. The way in which survived this pandemic, the way we have reopened, the fact that all our coaches are still here and that almost all of our families have returned has made us more driven and committed than ever to continue to be one of the country’s leading gymnastics/tramp and tumbling clubs.”

Home to NSW High Performance Tumbling program, and one of the most unique travelling systems to aid tumblers in the development of safe skill acquisition, KSTP have several world titles to its name. Cub owner and head coach Dzmitry Kachan believes in a holistic program, educating athletes in nutrition, targeted strength training, swim recovery, conditioning and coaching/judging training. Not only do they want the best gymnasts, but great young people who become great leaders in everything they do.

“In order to be an elite athlete, you must be an elite person, it must become an attitude and a lifestyle, if not, it won’t be real and will only be short-lived.”

KSTP describe themselves as a family. Family owned and run, but also a family to their members and extended tumbling community. They encourage learning off one and other, as well as help assist fellow tumbling clubs around the world. Sharing their techniques and love for the sport. The club is passionate about tumbling and learning valuable life skills while you’re at it. 

“We’re just a small club in the Hawkesbury operating from a church who love what they do. We will never forget that as family values are at our core and this is what will always make us special to so many people.”