Steph Magiros: My Olympic Memory

When Stephanie Magiros started gymnastics at 2 years old, she was completely unaware it would set her up for a lifetime in sport and help her compete at the pinnacle event, The Olympic Games.

Starting snowboarding at just 16, after a school snow trip and learning about the Halfpipe on YouTube, Steph was determined that snowboarding was going to be how she achieved her Olympic Dream and attributes gymnastics for helping put the foundations in place physically and mentally at a young age to help her take on this dream.

“Gymnastics gave me the discipline to focus on my training and the knowledge to break down my snowboarding skills one stage at a time.”

Steph began competing on the halfpipe World Cup circuit in 2011 and qualified a position for the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. At her Olympic debut, Steph claimed a spot in the semi-finals, and it was there where she recalls her favourite Olympic memory.

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“My favourite Olympic memory was right before I competed in the semi-finals. Standing at the top of the halfpipe I looked down at the Olympics rings bib on my chest, my coach gave me a high-5 and told me to have fun, I looked into the crowd and could see my family and all I could think was ‘I MADE IT’ - I’m in the semi-finals at the Olympic Games.”

It is rarely a linear road to achieving your dreams and Steph knew she needed to have goals in place to help keep her focused and motivated.

“The key to achieving my goals was to always focus on one day at a time and setting realistic goals that I could achieve each training session and competition.”

Steph now shares her experience in the hope to inspire and motivate the younger generation to follow their dreams and be dedicated to their training.

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We asked Steph what advice she would give to aspiring Olympians,

“Never be afraid to try something new because you never know where it might lead you and to never compare yourself to others because every journey is different.”

It is true that gymnastics is a foundation sport which can open up many doors for you at any stage in your life and Steph tells us that the biggest lesson she has learn from gymnastics is that anything is possible.

“The earlier you start gymnastics and the longer you participate in the sport, the more opportunities you open yourself up to and really prove that there is no limit to what you can achieve.”